Co-founders Jules Caron and Misha Lepetic have been friends since first meeting in Bolivia in 1998. Jules has lived and worked in the Congo Basin as a campaigner for environmental and human-rights organizations since 2012. Misha has 25 years of experience and success in the information technology and services industry in New York.

Most importantly, Project Canopy exists thanks to the efforts of our talented and dedicated team of contributors.

Meet the Team


Jules Caron

Jules Caron has fourteen years of campaigning, advocacy, communications, and journalism experience worldwide. He has traveled and lived in the Congo Basin since 2012, working as a campaigner for organizations such as WWF, Global Witness, and Oxfam, and collaborating with local civil-society organizations and large INGOs such as Greenpeace and Rainforest Foundation. Advocacy successes include sending elephant poachers to jail, preventing an expansion of DRC’s logging sector, and ensuring gender parity in CAR’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. After saving the rainforest, he’s looking forward to settling in South Tyrol.

Misha Lepetic

Misha Lepetic has amassed 25 years of experience and success in the information technology and services industry, including pharma (Pfizer), publishing (Hachette Book Group), non-profits (International Planned Parenthood Federation, Human Rights Watch, United Nations Democracy Fund) and educational technology (Nielsen). Skilled in IT strategy, management, and understanding organizations' technological needs, he earned a Master of Science in Technology Management from Columbia University in 2008. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. After saving the rainforest, he’s going back to DJing and studying Sanskrit.


Zhenya Warshavsky

Data Scientist

Zhenya Warshavsky accumulated a decade of experience as a data-driven acoustical systems entrepreneur, as well as a technical project lead in just about every area of digital tech. After pivoting to software engineering, he is now passionate about solving the world’s environmental challenges. As Project Canopy’s first Data Scientist, he is focused on implementing solutions for geospatial big data analysis, optimizing machine learning / AI models, and building out the underlying data infrastructure behind Project Canopy’s growing list of tools. He is based in Brooklyn where he enjoys studying Latin percussion, digital audio signal processing, and time with his cat Memphis.

David Nagy

Data Scientist

David Nagy develops machine learning models, methods for downloading and processing satellite imagery, and approaches to natural language analysis – whatever is needed to make Project Canopy's data-driven mission a success. Based in Los Angeles, he has years of experience as a data scientist and a PhD in Philosophy from the City University of New York. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, watching the NBA, and listening to podcasts.

Margaux Masson-Forsythe

ML Engineering Advisor

Margaux Masson-Forsythe is passionate about the application of Artificial Intelligence for meaningful projects. After studying Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science, and Image processing in France, she came to Oregon State University to finish her Masters in Machine Learning and Computer Vision. She then started to work as a Machine Learning Engineer for Lucidyne Technologies on the application of AI to lumber grading. She is helping Project Canopy with the implementation and evaluation of their Machine Learning models. Margaux still lives in Oregon where she enjoys hiking, camping, and kayaking with her wife and dog. She is also a climate activist member of Sunrise Corvallis and a strong advocate for diversity in STEM.

Lloyd Hughes

GIS/Data Science Advisor

Lloyd Hughes’ engineering passions lie within the domains of signal processing, optimization, machine learning, remote sensing and embedded systems, and his social passions within the fields of ecology, conservation and environmental monitoring. He is advising Project Canopy’s data scientists on the intricacies of the former and how they can be optimally applied to the latter. After completing his doctorate in Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy at the Technical University of Munich, Lloyd is now based out of Cape Town, South Africa. In his free time, Lloyd enjoys hiking, camping and scuba diving, as well as brewing mead and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. He is currently a data scientist for Cappella Space.

Michelangelo Celli

Systems Architect

Michelangelo Celli is a serial entrepreneur and complex systems connoisseur focused on improving lives through the enterprise of business. His company, Smart Systems Technology, provides the platform for Project Canopy's biodiversity prototype and, in the future, its evidence-based process engine. He believes that the Congo Basin rainforest is one of humanity's most precious treasures, and that Project Canopy’s potential for cost savings, combined with agile support for better decision making, is nothing short of thrilling. A graduate of Swarthmore College, he is presently based in the cloud, although his home is Pittsburgh, PA.

Harper Atlas

UX Designer & Illustrator

Harper Atlas strives to turn bedraggled human experiences into something truly sublime. She began working with Project Canopy in March 2020 while completing a User Experience Design certificate at Lambda School. As Project Canopy’s first UX Designer, she led customer development research, conducted user testing, collaborated with the co-founders to create the brand, and redesigned the website. Harper lives outside of Washington, DC with her spouse, 2 cats, and 27 houseplants.

Ruby Pittman

Business Development Advisor

Ruby Pittman has a multidisciplinary background and graduated with honors from New York University. She is focused on bridging tech and cross-cultural community engagement within the context of long-term environmental efforts. She advises Project Canopy on business development, helping to create narrative from a sea of data provided by Project Canopy’s stakeholders. A trained dancer, she premiered her first choreographed dance piece at age 13.

Lorenzo Poglia

Fundraising Advisor

Lorenzo Poglia is a Regional Secretary for WWF Switzerland, and a board member of a cancer foundation in Geneva. He brings his expertise in philanthropy to issues of nature conservation, and is a board member of Project Canopy’s Swiss nonprofit entity. He is based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland and studied in Geneva and Lausanne, where he received a PhD in neuronal synapse remodeling. He has also trained as a CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) Specialist with the Swiss Armed Forces.

Virginie Poulin

Fundraising Advisor

Virginie Poulin spent nearly two decades at BNP Paribas in Commodity Finance and Strategy. She now has a senior role with the management consulting firm Tomorrow by TW. She has been with Project Canopy since 2020, providing guidance on governance and fundraising. Originally from Paris, she has been based in the Geneva region since 2005. Apart from her kids, what she loves most is sailing in the middle of the ocean or being at the summit of a mountain.

Vincent Oswald

Fundraising Advisor

Vincent Oswald is the managing partner & co-founder of Enki Capital, a Swiss private equity fund investing in domestic SMEs. He has worked across the financial world at both macro and micro levels, and has a vast network in global finance, development finance, multilateral development institutions and NGOs. He has been advising Project Canopy on market positioning and fundraising strategy.

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