Environmental Intelligence for Africa’s Rainforest

The Congo Basin is home to the world’s second-largest tropical rainforest, spanning 2.5 million square kilometers over six countries. With over 1,000 threatened species, it is also the world’s last tropical carbon sink.

Environmental efforts receive up to €300 million per year, but biodiversity loss, deforestation, and carbon emissions continue unabated.

Map of Africa's Congo Basin Rainforest.
What We Do


Project Canopy is a data-driven non-profit which provides conservation actors in the Congo Basin with the data and analytics they need to make better decisions. How do we do it?

  • We give the right data   The most accurate, complete, and timely data on tree cover, biodiversity, carbon stores, environmental laws, land ownership, environmental projects, and more.
  • To the right people  Governments, development agencies, and local and international NGOs, working in four Congo Basin countries.
  • In the right way  Databases, maps, analytics, and tools identify the most impactful conservation opportunities.
  • At the right time  We work with stakeholders to deliver relevant and actionable insights to them in real-time.

This allows environmental actors to save more forest cover, threatened species, and carbon stores per dollar spent. In turn, funding will increase for this crucial and under-resourced ecosystem.


Project Canopy is preparing several prototypes that will immediately bring value to our stakeholders.

Community Deforestation Tracker

Can we identify deforestation by type? And how can local organizations take advantage of satellite imagery and machine learning to quickly identify and stop deforestation?

Species Protection Platform

What is the state of biodiversity in the Congo Basin rainforest? Does the conservation status of species align with national laws and international regulations?



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Jules Caron
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Jules Caron


Jules Caron has fourteen years of campaigning, advocacy, communications, and journalism experience worldwide. He has lived and traveled in the Congo Basin since 2012, working as a campaigner for organizations such as WWF, Global Witness and Oxfam, and collaborating with numerous local civil-society organizations. His advocacy successes include sending elephant poachers to jail, preventing an expansion of DRC’s logging sector, and ensuring gender parity in CAR’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. He now lives in Nairobi.

Misha Lepetic
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Misha Lepetic


Misha Lepetic has 25 years of experience in the information technology and services industry, including pharma (Pfizer), publishing (Hachette Book Group), and educational technology (Nielsen), as well as non-profits (International Planned Parenthood Federation, Human Rights Watch, United Nations Democracy Fund). Skilled in IT strategy, management, and understanding organizations' technological needs, he earned a Master of Science in Technology Management from Columbia University in 2008. He lives out of his carry-on luggage.

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